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Dec 12, 2013


Northampton Chambers is delighted to confirm it's support for the Northamptonshire based charity project 'One Step At a Time' this Christmas. At a time where commercialism and material gains reach almost insatiable levels, the One Step At a Time programme provides a timely reminder that not everyone will be receiving gifts this Christmas.

Chambers has taken the decision not to send Christmas cards this December and instead has redirected the money towards sponsoring a young girl named Merci Apio in Uganda. Her story is a distressing one, yet sadly it is far from unique in this desolate region of central Africa. Having lost both her parents to the AIDS virus, Merci was taken in by a caregiver to live with her in her tiny hut. Florence, the equivalent of a good Samaritan, also offers refuge for four other young children in the same hut. On their small piece of land they often struggle to grow enough crops to feed themselves, usually having enough for just one meagre meal per day. In the dry season when the temperature soars, they regularly go without food.

Having heard the story, Head of Chambers, Maria Savvides, did not hesitate to pledge her support. "We are thrilled to be able to help this wonderful charity and we hope that in some small way our support can ease the pressure on children like Merci and thousands like her," she said. "It's been very humbling to involve Chambers with One Step At a Time and feels like a much better use of our resources this time of year than sending Christmas cards. All of our tenants are fully behind this decision and I'm quite sure our clients will understand our stance and I would encourage them to get involved as well as this is a charity that desperately needs profile and extra support."

The depth of Chambers' involvement has so far seen Merci receive a new hut, sponsorship of a full years education at school with all the equipment she needs, together with some mango trees for the garden to provide a source of healthy food. Such is the attachment to the cause at Chambers that the individual tenants themselves have started buying additional mango trees for the project as opposed to sending each other Christmas cards.

One Step At a Time is a small charity in Northamptonshire run by volunteers. This means that, aside from basic administration costs, every penny given goes towards helping children like Merci. The ethos of this charity is "improved and sustainable living" helping people to help themselves. Even the smallest donation will change or save a life.

If you would like to know more about opportunities to sponsor children like Merci, make a financial donation, or even to provide for an unusual stocking filler this Christmas please visit the website at www.one-step-at-a-time.org.uk


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